21 Simple Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

The landscape of Instagram is constantly changing. Not only do these comments contribute to your post's engagement, which in turn makes it favorable to the Instagram algorithm, but each tag brings you a new audience member who arrived through a recommendation and who you could potentially win over as a follower.

Before you embark on adding 1,000 more followers, take a quick look at the latest Instagram updates to be sure you are on the cutting edge of this powerful product. It's a lot of work, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to post 2 to 3 times a day. Selecting the best hashtags for your Instagram posts can mean the difference between appearing as a top post or sinking to the bottom of the feed without a trace.

Engagement creates Social Proof This is super important to brands, it offers a lot of value if you have an audience that are interest in your following. Going live lets your audience to see what you are up to in real-time, is cost-effective (no need to edit any of your videos), and offers your viewers the ability to drop comments and likes on your live videos.

In fact, many accounts that adopt this approach are often able to spend less effort on creating content by focusing on converting visitors into followers, producing text graphics or other content with a faster turnaround and streamlining the overall production of their Instagram content.

Profile Searches: The accounts you check out often. Here's my approach: if you want your account to take off quickly you need to create a feeling of authority - like you've been doing this for ages and have perfected every inch of your Instagram strategy. It also means there's a lower chance that users trying to tag you in a post will have a hard time finding you.

They help your audience engage with you on a personal level, and give them something to look forward to by following you, even if you don't post very regularly. Follow the tips for getting more Instagram likes on every post listed above on every post. Don't forget to how to gain followers on instagram also follow others, and ensure you're responding to their comments on your posts as well.

Having more than 10k followers opens up opportunities for monetization, and you should take advantage of them and focus on building your whole online presence rather than just an Instagram account. However, it remains the biggest reason why many Instagram accounts get banned.

Or… Get involved with drama: if the Floyd Mayweathears or Connor McGregors of the world are any indication, there are few better ways to garner attention and potential Instagram followers than through drama and controversy. It's a good idea to have a solid number of great posts up — maybe 15 or so — before you start really engaging people and working down this list.

You can connect your desired accounts and selectively post pictures to them. If you want to get more Instagram followers this year, you need to pay attention to what your Instagram feed looks like. The day of the week and time of day the post is posted. If you use the right hashtags within your photos, you're much more likely to reach new users and be discovered.

Before I could not understand why people posting their photos on Instagram would be so popular. Focusing on your content rather than your follower count will mean followers will come naturally, we suggest planning your uploads with a tool like This tool allows you to schedule your uploads ahead of time.

Instagram has finally put in an autocomplete feature that offers suggestions whenever you type in #. The useful aspect of this is seeing the number of posts for each hashtag. I found that posting at least one new picture a day is all you need. Using your own hashtag will help build loyal followers and a community to your image or brand.

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